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Members can earn money for the League through the Adopt-A-Poll program by volunteering with the Kansas City Election Board on election day. If you are a registered voter in Missouri, you can participate.

  • How much money will I earn for the League? The League will receive approximately $180 for each member who works - $35 for training and $145 for election day. The money will be paid directly to the League.

  • What is the commitment? You will attend a 2-hour training session prior to the election. On election day, you will be assigned to work at a polling location. Plan to arrive at 5am and stay for approximately one hour after polls close at 7pm.

  • Where will I work on Election Day? KCEB will assign you to a location based on your individual circumstances (where you live, transportation options, preferences). Our members will not be assigned to the same polling location.

  • How do I apply? If this is your first time participating in Adopt-A-Poll, click on the links below, print and complete the forms, then mail or deliver them to Pat Goodwin, 6330 McGee Street, KCMO, 64113, about 6 weeks before election day. .

If you have worked as an Adopt-A-Poll volunteer for the League before, you just need to complete the Donor Authorization Form.

Election Judge Application. The application to be an election judge is attached to this brochure.

Adopt-A-Poll Volunteer Application.

Donor Authorization Form.

Use the following information when completing these forms.

  • 2020 Election dates: August 4 and November 3
  • NPO Name: League of Women Voters of Kansas City, Jackson, Clay, and Platte Counties
  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10416, Kansas City, MO 64171-0416
  • Does this charity have tax exempt status? YES

For more information contact Pat Goodwin at

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TIF Study

Click here to read the TIF Study Report.

Public Policy Issues

The League of Women Voters is nonpartisan, but, after study, we arrive at positions on issues and advocate for or against particular policies in the public interest. The League of Women Voters takes action on an issue or advocates for a cause when there is an existing League position that supports the issue or speaks to the cause. Positions result from a process of study. Any given study, whether it be National, State, or Local, is thorough in its pursuit of facts and details. As the study progresses, a continuing discussion of pros and cons of each situation occurs. Prior to the results of the study being presented to the general membership, study committee members fashion consensus questions that are then addressed by the membership.

Additional discussion, pro and con, takes place as members (not part of the study committee) learn the scope of the study. After the members reach consensus, the board forms positions based on that consensus.

It is the consensus statement -- the statement resulting from the consensus questions -- that becomes a position. Firm action or advocacy can then be taken on the particular issue addressed by the position. Without a position, action/advocacy cannot be taken.

The League of Women Voters studies public policy issues at the local, state and national level.


2016-2018 Impact on Issues

2014-2016 Impact on Issues


Missouri Guide to State Action 2015-2017

Missouri Guide to State Action 2013-2015

Missouri Guide to State Action 2010-2011


Kansas City/Jackson/Clay/Platte Positions