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Governance of the League of Women Voters of Kansas City, Jackson, Clay, and Platte Counties

Governing Documents

The League of Women Voters of Kansas City, Jackson, Clay, and Platte Counties (League or LWVKCJCP) is organized and operates exclusively as a charitable organization under Section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Click here to view the League's Certificate of Incorporation. 

Click here to view League's 501c(3) letter.  


The current bylaws were updated and adopted on May 11, 2019. 


Board of Directors

The Officers and Directors are elected for two-year terms.  
The Board of Directors meets monthly.



President    Sandy Eeds (2019-21)
Vice-president   Anitra Steele (2020-22)
Treasurer  Rita Gulden (2020-22)
Secretary  Anne Calvert (2019-21)


Sheryl Eufinger  (2020-22)
Mary Herring (2020-22)
Laura Marcus Mountjoy  (2020-22)
Pauline Testerman  (2019-21)
Dawn Wade   (2020-22)
Stacey Webb   (2019-21)
Becky Yockey   (2019-21)

League Management Documents and Forms

The following information is available online to League members.  Documents are available to the public upon request.  Go to the Contact Us page and contact  the League Secretary. 

Board Minutes

Click on the button below, then click on the folder you wish to view. 

June 2020 - May 2021

June 2019 - May 2020 

Publicize an Event

Please complete this form so that we have the information we need to publicize your event on the League website calendar, eVoter, and social media.  Make sure you have the location, Zoom link, and other important event details. 

Publicize an Event

Zoom Instructions

New Volunteer Opportunity

If you are new to using the Volunteering module and need help creating a Volunteering Opportunity, please complete this form to get started and provide us with the information we need to help you.    If the Volunteering Opportunity has already been created, or if you are familiar with the Volunteering module, please access it via the Control Panel to edit or create a new one. 

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