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League Positions

League Studies 

Although non-partisan, the League of Women Voters has taken public policy positions over the years. The League takes a position only after a thorough study and after a consensus of the members is reached. Once a position is adopted, the League may advocate for or against policies and legislation that are consistent with its stand.  


Studies occur at the local, state and national levels. Here are a few studies in progress or recently completed.  

*  Recently our League studied Tax Increment Financing (TIF) in Kansas Cityand a consensus position was reached by the membership. 
* The League's 1981 position on Housing in Kansas City was recently studied and subsequently updated.  

* A study on living wage is underway.  


Local, State, and National League Policy Positions 

Click on the button or images below to review current League positions. 

Current Missouri League Priorities

Each year after careful study, the League of Women Voters of Missouri sets policy and legislative priorities.  These are the foundation for much of the work local Leagues throughout the state do.

The state priorities for 2020 are listed below. 

Election Reform to Make Democracy Work (Protect Amendment 1, Fight Voter Suppression and Make Voting Easier).

Click here
 for information on resolutions introduced in the 2020 General Assembly to replace the redistricting reforms that 62 percent of voters approved in 2018 with a process that would allow unprecedented racial and political gerrymandering. The issue will be on the 2020 ballot. 

Complete Census Count (click here for a fact sheet)

3.  Medicaid Expansion

4.  Climate Change

5.  Environmental Protection

6.  Education (Pre-K through college)

7.  Equal Rights Amendment

8.  National Popular Vote